19 February 2008

These people are redefinig "warped"

So there's this article about how a youth pastor in Texas has confessed to a murder he committed 14 years ago in California, in which he stabbed a 64 year old convenience store clerk with a kitchen knife.

And how is his congregation taking the horrifying news that their children were being tutored by a murderer? By praising him of course.
"The debt he's paying to our society is teaching our young people to do the right thing," said Cheryl Ellis, a member of the church's youth staff. "To lock him away someplace and say he owes it to society is robbing the next generation of a mentor."

Robin Thac said her 17-year-old son was active in the youth group that Inman led.

"I am thrilled my son has a role model to accept responsibility the way Calvin has," Thac said. "There are way too many men who don't accept responsibility."

Seriously...how messed up is that? They'd prefer that he not be locked away for killing another human being? They want him to continue teaching their kids? They think he's a role model just because he confessed...TO MURDER??? I can understand pointing to him as an example of taking responsibility for your actions, but if I were a parent, I wouldn't want my kids anywhere NEAR this guy.

Maybe they don't think too much of the man he killed. After all, his name sounds possibly Islamic, so they probably don't think too much about it since he's a non-Christian.

But perhaps that's a bit unfair, they're most likely nice people, it's just that this is completely and totally FUBAR. But then, that's religion.

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