17 February 2010

Resurrection and Rededication

It's been a long time since I blogged, since I wrote anything in fact. The past year has been...interesting to say the least: marriage, moving, unemployment, depression and despair, agony and ecstasy, blah blah blah, etc.

I want to start writing again, and I've been putting it off far too long, obsessing over details of what to write about and how. A gridlock of my own creation, I could see no way out until I chanced upon an essay in the AHA's "Perspectives" weekly newsletter titled "How Writing Leads to Thinking (and not the other way around)." I felt kind of stupid when I read the title, the simple truth of it illustrated for myself in the way that I used to do freewriting to jumpstart my brain.

Like I said, I stopped writing, and now I regret having done so. I also regret the way I was writing in the past on this blog, it seems like I was trying to sound like every other blogger out there instead of myself, which itself may have contributed to my stopping.

To thine own self be true.

So, in the interest of saving what little sanity I have left, and to follow DaVinci's exhortation to exercise the most important "muscle" in my body (lest it atrophy from disuse), I'm going to write about any and everything that engages my mind. There will be fluff, of course, but important fluff I promise. Well, important to me anyway. :P

So here is my rededication: this blog will be a forum for expression of my thoughts and opinions, my musings and meanderings, my beliefs and hopes. Though it always was thus, I have not always been the best writer, nor have I been as charitable or as nice as I know I am in person. Well, it is the internet...but no, the discourse in this nation, indeed the world, is already too rancorous. It's time that I went back to being the civil, rational human being on the internet as well as in real life, because such people are becoming an endangered species. So that's my rededication: to express myself and add my voice to the chorus, but to do so in a way that reflects well upon myself and shows a respect for the discourse.

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