13 May 2008

This is funny...

From a Christian group that sometimes has some interesting debates...but not in this case!!!

The following is the first three posts from a topic titled "Christians if you honestly want even a chance at converting."

David wrote 5 hours ago

Do what I do and don't EVER preach the punishment of hell because people feel as though you are just trying to scare them

If you truly want to have a chance preach the love and forgiveness of God and Jesus and show them the holy spirit

Van Davinci Gogh replied to David's post 5 hours ago

So basically, don't scare people. Tell them a more satisfying lie.

David Drennan wrote 5 hours ago

Wait what?

What was it that Einstein said? Something about man being in a poor way if he believed for promises of reward or fear of punishment? Was it something like that?

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