21 May 2008

I need to rethink my escape plan...

Ever since Bu$h was first appointed elected in 2000, I had always taken comfort in the thought that, if things ever really got bad, I could always go back to the land of my birth, where surely it would remain a haven of sanity. I thought even harder about going back when I lost my faith in Christianity a few years later. The English, after all, are supposed to be the paragon of what constitutes a civilized society. No way could religious zealots take hold again as they did in Cromwell's time.

Well, turns out they're gaining more power than I had thought.

Check out this recent episode of "Dispatches" titled "In God's Name" on YouTube.

(It's broken up into five parts, here's the playlist with all the videos included.)

So I'd heard about the faith schools, and the anti-Muslim nuts, but seeing it on video really brought it home. Where am I supposed to go now if the US really does become JesusLand? Truly it's just like Tears for Fears said: "It's a Mad World..."

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